"Your vision is too small!"

En av mine gode amerikanske kontakter, Jerry Twombly, har hjulpet mange organisasjoner, kirker og bedrifter med relasjonsbygging, strategiutvikling og fundraising. Jeg har hatt stort utbytte av å lytte til denne kloke mannen ved flere anledninger.
Foto: Jerry Twombly

En av de mest sjokkerende beskjeder han ofte gir til sine ivrige tilhørere, som ofte sitter i krevende lederroller, er følgende: "Your vision is too small!"

Jeg har reflektert litt over dette. Er det ikke ofte slik at svake ledere ofte mangler visjoner, har uklare visjoner, eller for små visjoner? Fører ikke de alt for små visjonene til litt for mye vedlikeholdsarbeid, alt for mye famling, total mangel på dristighet og målrettethet, og alt for lite begeistring?

Jeg deler følgende kommentar fra Jerry Twombly:

Your Vision is Too Small

I've been privileged to sit with many boards as they discuss plans for the future.

They begin by talking about building new facilities, expanding programs, and developing a greater presence in the communities where they serve. There conversations move to talking about costs associated with expansion and they begin asking questions regarding how they might engage others financially in supporting their plans for the future.

I've found myself listening to those conversations for nearly four decades. And while the topics may have been different from meeting to meeting, my tendency is to respond by saying something like, "Do you know what your real problem is?" They look somewhat bewildered thinking that they were there to discuss a vision for the future, not a problem. I'll often pause and suggest, "The problem as I see it is that your vision is not big enough."

We tend to think within the realm of our own abilities. We imagine life within a framework of what we determine is possible and rarely stretch outside our comfort zone. Having a desire to be better and bigger isn't necessarily bad. The problem is that most organizations have the same intention. But a vision that exceeds our potential and reaches out to affect change beyond our limited imaginations is what will stir the hearts of others.

It's never easy to generate excitement. But a compelling vision based on need that will require stepping beyond our comfort zone into the realms of the impossible will capture the attention of others, especially if its presented within the context of a strategic plan that makes sense.

Kilde: http://jerrytwombly.typepad.com/jerry_twomblyfunding_your/2010/12/your-vision-is-too-small.html


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