Sigurd Grindheim ny professor ved FiH

En internasjonalt sammensatt sakkyndig komité har vurdert FiHs førsteamanuensis Sigurd Grindheims kompetanse og har enstemmig konkludert med at han innehar den nødvendige kompetanse som kreves for opprykk til professor i Det nye testamente.

Komiteen sier følgende om Grindheims evne til å arbeide vitenskapelig med nytestamentlige tekster:
-         Dr. Grindheim has clearly demonstrated his ability as a New Testament scholar, showing maturity in critical judgment, and a sufficient degree of fresh, independent thinking. (..) There is no doubt that Dr. Grindheim has considerably widened and deepened his scholarship since the Ph.D., and has demonstrated strength particularly in the realm of biblical theology.

Om hans metodiske bevissthet og klarhet i presentasjon og argumentasjon sier komiteen:
-         Dr. Grindheim mostly uses classical historical and philological methods, from the newer methods of NT scholarship he uses rhetorical perspectives, but he seems rather critical against other approaches. This is, however, justifiable, as long as the historical and philological work is done in an appropriate critical manner, which is the case in Grindheim’s academic publications. His scholarly books and articles are well written, well-structured and his argument is clear and concise.

Hans kunnskap til og interaksjon med internasjonal forskning blir vurdert slik:
-         Dr. Grindheim’s publications show that he is well acquainted with the international scholarly discourse in English, German, and French (to a certain extent also in Scandinavian languages), and that he interacts adequately with other scholars. In some of his works, it becomes clear that Grindheim represents a very conservative tendency of scholarship in introductory and authenticity issues. Especially in the articles dealing with Ephesians and Colossians he is more in dialogue with conservative scholars in North America than with the more critical scholarship in Europe where many would find his argumentation unsatisfactory.
-         Grindheim’s interaction with international research is also documented by the fact that he has published articles in some of the leading journals within New Testament/biblical studies. In addition, he has long experience as participant and contributor at various international conferences.

Komiteen avslutter med følgende vurdering av hans akademiske bredde:
-         Dr. Grindheim’s major scholarly works are on Paul and the Synoptic gospels. His minor contributions (articles and essays) are mainly on the Pauline letters. Besides, almost all of his works demonstrate good knowledge of early Jewish traditions and texts (although he is not fully up to date with the Qumran literature). By covering these fields, Grindheim shows a satisfying breadth within New Testament studies – which is required of a professor in the New Testament.

Styret har tatt komiteens rapport og enstemmige konklusjon til følge. Grindheim fortsetter sitt ansettelseforhold ved FiH, nå som professor i NT.
Vi gratulerer!


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